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Learn JavaScript to give you the skills to build amazing apps, games and websites. Since JavaScript is one of the most used coding languages around, there are loads of great jobs for JavaScript experts.

Game Programming 1 with Javascript

In this beginner level JavaScript programming course, kids build a 2D Infinite Runner style game from the ground up! We cover key concepts such as conditionals, loops, variables, and more

Game Programming 2 with Javascript

In this Intermediate level Javascript coding course, kids will build an exciting retro Tower Defense game from the ground up. We cover key concepts such as conditionals, loops, collision detection, enemy pathing, vectors, and more.

Web Development 1: Develop Web Forms and Simple Apps

By the end of the course students will be able to create and style a variety of webforms and simple apps using a wide range of HTML inputs.

Learn about enabling user input on your web pages. Start designing a range of forms, such as sign up and contact us, and building apps including a BMI calculator, breakfast menu ordering and lots of different quizzes

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